Blog Posts and Articles

If you want your pest site to hold its own among the millions of other sites out there, you need to be posting carefully crafted, search engine optimized pest control content on a regular basis.

The problem? Pest control business owners are seriously busy, and writing isn’t for everyone! It’s frustrating to have all the expertise to write great content but lack the time, energy, or interest needed to get the job done.

Sharing regular blog posts is essential for your online presence, and stuffing posts with general pest control keywords is not enough to stand out. Year after year, search engine algorithms become pickier. Modern-day SEO takes time, up-to-date research, and know-how.

Ensure your pest control blog posts are top notch.

Website Content

While blog posts are technically in this category too, when I say ‘web content,’ I am talking about the actual words on the pages of your company site. Writing this content is near and dear to my heart.

As a pest control company owner myself, there was a time when I needed a website built for me. The website I got looked and functioned great, but the writing read like a National Geographic Kids article. It was borderline embarrassing; the information on my site didn’t apply to my customers’ problems at all.

I know firsthand that working in pest control can be intense. There are so many things at play; the last thing a pest control owner or marketing director needs to be worried about is repeatedly re-writing the content they’re already paying someone else to write. And what’s the alternative? Leaving bad pest control writing all over your site? No, thank you!

Specialized pest control writing requires a writer that knows the industry. While that could be you, my guess is you’re crazy busy, and you might need some help getting it done. I’m here for you! Let’s work together to create web content that is accurate, likable, and true to your brand.


Make your website everything it should be.

Training Materials

As a pest control business grows, consistent employee training becomes increasingly important. From the get-go, you want your employees to look forward to their work, whether it’s your office staff or field personnel. It all starts with the onboarding and training experience.

Training an employee for your pest management business is a true investment. Save yourself time and make your training programs count, all while showing your employees you value them.

Let’s work together to write appealing, professional training materials and protocols for your team. Your staff will know how to do their job the right way and feel confident in their pest control knowledge, and you can know that you’re giving your business the foundation it needs to thrive.

Happy Employees = Happy Customers

Newsletters and Flyers

Pest control companies that utilize newsletters and flyers are making a wise choice, even if some consider the newsletter ‘out of style.’ These types of materials increase customer retention by connecting the consumer with your business happenings on a regular basis. They can also help attract new customers depending on how you use them.

Increase your brand awareness. Let customers know what’s going on with your business and take the opportunity to educate them about seasonal pest issues. Provide them with a coupon for their neighbor or let them know about specials that are going on. Whether it’s digital or hard copy, newsletters are far from outdated and can work wonders for business exposure.

Newsletters and flyers can help accomplish your goals.

Advertising Copy

The term “writing copy” sounds strange, but all it means is using the written word to influence users or readers toward action. Even if you’ve never heard of copywriting, I promise you’ve seen it everywhere, even in the pest control industry. Logos, slogans, blog posts, paid online ads, social media posts, magazine ads, radio jingles…. all of this involves copywriting.

You don’t want your sales copy to fall flat. There is a formula to copywriting that requires careful planning and execution, but I come prepared.

If your pest control company wants to use social media to encourage customers to sign up for an email list, this requires planned-out copywriting. When you ask for an email, you’re asking for a customer’s personal information. Why should they give it to you? Give them something of value with rich content, then use pest control copywriting to tell them why they want to stay in touch with your company.

Maybe you’re a pest product manufacturer looking to reach more pest businesses with your product line. There are lots of products out there; what sets your product apart? Tell people by selling your product using mapped sales copy.

If your copy is well-written and holds the attention of your readers, you can sit back and watch the reach of your pest branding expand.


Whether it’s customers or pest control business owners, we know your target audience.

Video Planning and Scripts

We live in a digital world. People everywhere are giving much of their attention to screens throughout the day, and marketers have learned that videos get . With everyone online, captivate your audience with the power of videos and get results for your pest control business.

If you’ve had a vision for pest control videos but need help bringing your ideas to life, my writing will give you the structure to work with.

We’ll team up to make a video plan and script that will give you the direction you need to finish creating amazing content for your pest company.


Harness the captivating power of pest control video content.

I’m ready when you are.

Contact me for pricing specific to your project.

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